Cockpit panels and gauges for professional flight simulators
with the option of zero cost tailoring of your panel and gauges


Why is FsXPand panel suite an ideal solution for simulators requiring the highest standards of realism in gauges?

In home simulators, what we see is supposed to represent the real thing, and can be taken for granted. For training purposes in a commercial environment, the gauges should closely match the aircraft for which the simulator is supposed to train. Given significant differences in actually built-in gauge sets in widely used training aircraft, the option for tailoring your initial purchase is of paramount importance. Offering it without extra cost, while tailoring of your simulator by others usually takes an amount of several thousands.
The FsXPand solution gives you an edge for building your business on a moderate software investment.

Added: Dash 8-100 on request only, not included in the download
Added: Cessna C208 Caravan gauges, with alternative engine gauges (Hawkeye)
Main changes: we did a cleanup of all gauge and bitmap files restricting the size of the package
Active patches:
No active patches, all previous patches included in this release
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