Cockpit panels and gauges for professional flight simulators
with the option of zero cost tailoring of your panel and gauges



FsXPand is based on the idea of total flexibility by displaying cockpit panels and gauges on flatscreens.
It functions as a server-client application consisting of FsXPand, the server, and FsClient, where the client processes data from your simulator software and displays this data on the gauge configuration of your wishes.

The gauge concept is generic, and dial values may be changed at will. The versatile built-in option of using bitmaps offers a highly realistic environment, that can be tailored according to a real trainer cockpit.

A number of cockpit templates are available in FsXPand. The panels in them consist of a combination of user selectable gauges. All gauges present in the library can be used anywhere in your panels. Ready made templates are present for Cessna, Baron, Kingair, along with a few generic cockpits.

Upon request, your package can be tailored to suit your needs, to the extent of creating gauges for your specific craft. There is no extra cost.

Glass panels are not currently available and will be added only if there is no aircraft-specific software logic required.


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