Cockpit panels and gauges for professional flight simulators
with the option of zero cost tailoring of your panel and gauges


Frequently Asked Questions

What use is the Extended License intended for?
Any use, other than private is subject to the extended license. You do not need it for a home simulator: private purpose, flying with friends in your home. If your simulator is open for the public, if you are using it in your business, employ it in someone else's simulator, if you are offering its use for anyone outside your home, not being your own person, even when it is for free, you need a extended license.

Is FsXPand easy to install and configure?
You have to take a few system precautions. After that, installing is a matter of running 2 installers, and entering a computer name. Connection between server and clients should occur instantly.

Is FsXPand stable software? Could it endanger my system?
FsXPand is stable and will run for days unattended. We will do nothing that can cause harm to your operating system.

With what simulator software does it run?
FsXPand runs with FSX, FS2004, X-Plane 9 and Prepar3D.

Do I need additional software? For MSFS, you need FSUIPC (licensed). For X-Plane3, you need XPUIPC.

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