Cockpit panels and gauges for professional flight simulators
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Fixes - This page contains all fixes and updates

Version 7.1.6 (current)
Oil combi error -

Version 7.1.3 and before

21 february 2014
- The Cessna AI showed a wrong pitch value
- Adjusting the altitude by changing the barometric setting was inaccurate
- A bug was removed when saving a gauge

This patch will be sent to you by e-mail. Please unzip and copy all files in their appropriate folders.
All patches since 19 may 2013 and file replacements included.

11 september 2013
When using the Bendix VOR2, you may get an error. The problem is in the Vor2.ini file. Here is a replacement, the file is in your FsClient\cockpits\[yourcockpit]\gauges# folder. Please don't forget to replace the source file in FsClient\Repository\Bendix folder.

24 june 2013
Vertical speed indicator may run through the limits. Please apply the patch
In some cases, the NeedleStopValue in the Verti.ini file has a wrong value. If your lowest value is 2000 ft/min, set NeedleStopValue=-2 to make the needle stop when descent rate is below -2000 fpm. We will correct all values with the next full release.

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