Cockpit panels and gauges for professional flight simulators
with the option of zero cost tailoring of your panel and gauges



Extended License FsXPand/FsClient is tailored towards General Aviation purposes. For clarity: Full glass functionality of the big airliners is not covered. Of course you can be provided with gauges for a steam Boeing on request.

A. FsXPand/FsClient 7.x Extended License

1. Extended license, single simulator € 1225,-
Option: Yearly subscription for updates and maintenance: € 120,-
2. Extended license, up to 4 simulators € 2450,-
Option: Yearly subscription for updates and maintenance: € 245,-
3. Extended license, site license, unlimited simulators € 3675,-
Option: Yearly subscription for updates and maintenance: € 370,-

B. Instructor station for FsXPand (available soon)

You can order by bank transfer. You will receive your invoice by e-mail, with the bank information. For security reasons, we do not display it here.
Of course you can order by telephone as well if you wish.

When your payment has arrived, you will receive the CD release of the software. Your license key will be sent to you by e-mail.

Upon request, I will tailor your panels after purchase to suit your needs, even to the extent of creating or modifying gauges for your specific craft. Please contact me first to discuss your wishes and establish a kind of agreement as to what you need to prevent disappointment afterwards.

- There is no extra cost; the new gauges will remain the property op Gert Heijnis and will be added to the library. The newly created gauges will be matching the usual quality.
- The final position and size of gauges will remain your own responsibility.

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