Cockpit panels and gauges for professional flight simulators
with the option of zero cost tailoring of your panel and gauges


Ordering by bank

A. FsXPand/FsClient 7.x Extended License

1. FsXPand Extended license, single simulator

€ 1225,- Order by Bankt

Optional: Single yearly update subscription

€ 120,- Order by Bank

2. FsXPand Extended license, up to 4 simulators

€ 2450,- Order by Bank

Optional: Four simulators yearly update subscription

€ 245,- Order by Bank

3. FsXPand Extended license, site license, unlimited simulators

€ 3675,- Order by Bank

Optional: Site license yearly update subscription

€ 370,- Order by Bank

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FsXPand by fsxpand by Flyware